Easy E-Mail Newsletter with VTC CRM and the MailChimp Connector

12 November 2011 13:39 | Categoría: VTC

Different Solutions integrated, with the MailChimp Connector, one of the most famous E-Mail Marketing Campaign Provider into the VTC CRM.

Now, the VTC CRM has got a real professional E-Mail Marketing tool for an easier handling and analytic of the E-Mail Marketing Campaigns.

The default Campaign Module, which is integrated into the standard version of vtiger CRM, wasn’t really developed for sending a lot of E-Mails. Indeed, sending E-Mails is possible, but they weren’t generally sent over a verified E-Mail Provider. So the risk is very high, that you get branded as a “spammer”. E-Mails that were sent over the MailChimp Connector, just get over a trustable Server (whitelist). These E-Mails were accepted and delivered by all serious providers.

MailChimp offers a huge amount of statistics. With these statistics, you are able to analyze your campaigns intensely. The special thing is, that the analytics, which also include the actions of the recipient, were directly imported into the VTC CRM and so they are locally available. On the basis of these data, multi-level E-Mail Campaigns can be created and sent out of the VTC CRM without any difficulty.

Compared to the default Campaign Module of the vtiger CRM, MailChimp also provides the integration of Social Media and Google Analytics with some more advantages.