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Social CRM

Social Networks, Social Collaboration and Social Wiki

Social CRM or CRM 2.0 is the part of VTC CRM combining three functionalities (data collection, collaboration, knowledge base) with the factor "social". VTC CRM integrates social networks like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter and professional ones like LinkedIn and XING, allowing to collect the latest information about your leads, customers or partners. External or internal streams help to collaborate easily with your team-mates and colleagues. Social CRM allows to set up an informative and clearly arranged knowledge base, the so-called Social Wiki.

Social CRM

Social Networks - CRM 2.0 integrates Social Media

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You can import data from social networks. Whether a name, an address or a profile picture, with the Social CRM you can add data easily to existing leads, accounts, partners or contacts.

And you can do much more, like subscribing to data sets and their social profiles, so that you see all new posts or tweets without leaving the VTC CRM system.

Social Collaboration – Latest Information at a Glance

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The Social Collaboration function facilitates communication between you and your teammates thus keeping you always up-to-date. Internal and external streams are shown on your personal homepage and allow you to see all changes within subscribed data sets. 

Social CRM offers the possibility to subscribe data sets, like leads, contacts, accounts or partners. Every change in a data set will be shown in your internal stream.  

If you want to stay informed about the latest tweets and feeds of your leads, contacts, accounts or partners, just use the external stream of CRM 2.0. You can also place the external stream as a widget on your personal homepage.  

Social Wiki – CRM 2.0 includes a personal in-house encyclopedia

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Social Wiki is a Function of the Social CRM, which allows you to establish your own and personal in-house encyclopedia. Safe your knowledge clearly arranged and structured.

Create categories and fill them with information, for example, about your customers, your products or your company. With the authority system of VTC CRM, you can also define the visibility of entries for users.