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We offer support through the whole implementation phase. Our goal is to faciilitate a quick and easy integration. Like this you can mostly focus on your daily work.

Services for VTC CRM

Service Packages


Creating Templates

Price upon request

You have own templates which you want to use in the VTC CRM system?

We can integrate your existing templates in VTC CRM. Just provide us with your quotes, invoices or emails and we will do the rest. 

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Module Customization

Price upon request

Any specific information from your customers needed?

In some cases, standard module view will not be adequate. Therefore, we can create custom views on your behalf.

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Additional Services

Development & Programming

Inspired by our clients, we never stop to develop our CRM system. The requirements are constantly changing and our software has to be always up-to-date.

The constant adaptation to your business processes and the integration into existing Office applications is becoming increasingly important. Only if the information about your customers and prospects are available within your company, you can increase the efficiency and productivity of your employees and thus customer satisfaction.

VTC CRM offers a high degree of customization and integration capability. Our project team will gladly support you in adapting VTC CRM to your existing business processes.

At Different Solutions a structured approach is followed in all project phases. To integrate VTC CRM into your existing IT landscape and as the basis of our interface programming, we use our special Web Services API  (Application Programming Interface).

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Module Customization

Existing VTC mdules do not fully meet your requirements?

Together with you we dertermine the missing functions and expand the modules according to your needs. Such extensions can man the simple addition of individual fields or to create and add completely new functionalities.

We will ensure that such extensions can also be integrated into the reports in subsequent updates.

Do you have specific requirements for your CRM system? Although VTC covers a large part of your needs, there is still one or another link missing in the chain of your processes.

Together with you, we determine a list of missing features and propose solutions for you, which we implement as needed as new modules.

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Professional Services Block 2

Data Migration

The acceptance of your CRM system depends on the quality and validity of your data. Information is often distributed across multiple systems and also occur in different data fields or partically duplicate records. Incomplete information may also interfere with employee productivity. These cases are just a few examples of the complex situations in the field of data management.

VTC has an extensive expertise in this field and has performed a large number of data migration from various business applications.

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On-Premise Installation

Different Solutions offers professional services for the installation and configuration of your VTC CRM system. Our Professional Services team offers a Post Installation Summary Report and documents any implementation details and the appropriate configuration parameters.

We offer two types of installation services to meet the needs of our customers:

  • Remote Installation Service via VPN/Shell
  • Complete Installation Service on the server you want, in the premises of Different Solutions and then shipping to your Location.
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Professional Services Block 3

Interface Programming

At Different Solutions we strictly follow a structured approach in all projects. To integrate VTC into your existing IT landscape and as the basis of our interface programming, we use our special Web Services API (Application Programming Interface).

Our project teams consist of specialists in customizing and interface programming. They have extensive knowledge in the integration of business software applications, including various tools and adaptation of web services for businesses.

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When using the CRM system, we distinguish between two groups of users. On the one hand there are the normal users, and on the other hand, the administrators. Both groups of users require specific training and have a different knowledge basis. During our trainings, we specifically address the needs of the particiopants.

VTC CRM Trainings

User Training

VTC CRM Standard Startup Training

The aim of this course is to provide basic knowledge that is necessary to successfully deploy VTC CRM in your daily work. In the Standard StartUp training we will enable you to handle the main functions and give you an overview of all possibilities. This training is suitable for all beginners who have no experience in using VTC CRM and want to implement it in their daily work.


    • VTC CRM Overview
    • Getting started
    • Lead management
    • Account and contact management
    • Working with data sets
    • Working with campaigns and potentials & partners
    • Creating reports & report sets

Registration fee:

    • 400,00 € plus VAT at Different Solutions´office
    • 500,00 € plus VAT at your office (plus travel costs)

Training time: approx. 4 hrs.


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VTC CRM Advanced Startup Training

The aim of this course is to obtain specific knowledge that can be successfully implemented in your daily work. In Advanced StartUp training you willlearn how to use advanced features. This Training is suitable for all users who already have some experience in using the software. The Standard StartUp training is required.

Objectives by arrangement. Some suggestions:

    • Working with MailChimp
    • Working with Social Wiki
    • Working with Social Collaboration
    • Working with social networks
    • Creating templates with the PDF Template Generator

Registration fee:

    • 550,00 € plus VAT at Different Solutions office
    • 650,00 € plus VAT at your office (plus travel costs)

Duration of the training: approx. 4 hrs


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Admin Training

VTC CRM Standard Admin Training

The aim of this course is to obtain basic skills that are required to administer VTC CRM successfully. The Standard Admin Training provides an overview about setting up and administering the system. This course is suitable for beginners who have little experience with the administration of VTC CRM.


    • Overview administration VTC CRM
    • Introduction/First steps
    • User & access management
    • VTC Studio
    • Templates management
    • Other important settings

Registration fee:

    • 500,00 € plus VAT at our office
    • 600,00 € plus VAT at your office (plus travel costs)

Duration: approx. 4 hrs.


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VTC CRM Advanced Admin Training

The aim of this course is to teach advanced skills that are required to administer VTC CRM successfully. The Advanced Admin training equips you with specific knowledge about administration. This training is suitable for all admins, who already have experience with VTC CRM. The Standard Admin training course is required.

Content by arrangement. For instance: 

    • Creating workflows
    • Create and edit the layout of modules
    • PowerPoint export settings
    • Social CRM settings
    • Event Manager

Registration fee:

    • 650,00 € plus VAT at our office
    • 750,00 € plus VAT at your office (plus travel costs)

Duration: approx. 4 hrs.


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StartUp Course

VTC CRM Startup Course

The aim of this course is to obtain basic knowledge which is required to successfully deploy VTC CRM in your daily work. This course is a combination of the Standard StartUp and Standard Admin Training. This Training is for all beginners, who use and administrate VTC CRM. The course takes place in Munich only on specific dates. 

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