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Sales Automation Marketing Automation Management Automation Support Administration
Sales Automation
Marketing Automation
Management Automation

Sales Automation

VTC enables the salesforce to share information about potentials or contacts and shows changes made anytime. 

Among other things it helps to increase the turnover with existing customers, to create forecasts, to monitor sales activities, manage quotes and orders or work with the Mobile Solution.
Various plugins, for instance for MS Outlook, ensure that VTC works seamlessly with other applications.

VTC CRM Sales Automation

Your Advantages

  • Information can be shared between different groups together and the user
  • Allows you to focus on the most profitable accounts
  • Fast training of new sales staff
  • Monitoring of all sales processes

Potential Management

The Potential Management helps you to optimize your sales processes by providing clearly arranged information regarding sales activities, statuses and any relevant activities to close a deal.
Customize VTC Potential Management with your existing follow-up process.

Contact Management

With the Contact Management you can consolidate all your contacts in one central place. Furthermore, you have potentials, customer account data and history centrally available.
In addtion, you can use the comfortable import wizard to import data from various sources in csv format.
The user-friendly wizard allows to increase data integrity by searching for duplicates and merging similar data sets. 
No more duplicates from now on!

Account Management

You will get a comprehensive overview of your customers and relevant data such as activities, products or statuses. Clearly divided into various tabs, the user can find all records associated with a customer, for instance activities, tickets or promotions.



Generating forecasts is easy. 
Create accurate forecasts based on sales data for your team or individual sales representatives. With VTC, you will continually improve your forecast accuracy.

Quotes and Service Contracts

With the Quote and Service Contract Management, you can create accurate quotes based on individual line items. Various currencies are supported as well as different tax rates. You can of course use existing offers as templates for new ones.

Plug-ins for Microsoft Office

With special VTC plug-ins, you can integrate VTC data into your MS Office applications. You can synchronize emails, contacts and calendar entries with a few mouse clicks. Export your data to Excel or export your reports and report sets directly to PowerPoint.


VTC Mobile Touch

Always stay up-to-date while on the move. VTC Mobile Touch allows you to work outside your office. Use VTC Mobile Touch to increase your productivity and reduce downtimes.


With the widgets, you will always have real-time access to all information regarding leads, potentials and accounts.

Marketing automation

Marketing Automation Text

VTC closes the gap between sales and marketing. Create campaigns across multiple channels with the Campaign Wizard.
Use VTC web forms in order to automatically generate leads which have been completed online.
Manage your leads or assign leads to individual employees and monitor the ROI of your campaigns.

VTC CRM Marketing Automation

Your Advantages

  • Create campaigns through various distribution channels
  • Automated generation of leads - from web forms to VTC CRM 
  • ROI monitoring

Campaign Management

With the Campaign Management you can prepare and manage your campaigns across multiple channels.
You will get an overview on the productivity of your marketing activities.

Web Forms

VTC Web Forms automatically create leads directly to VTC, through customized web forms posted on your website. The marketing manager can specify exactly what information has to be generated in which form. This information is then available to the sales staff.

Lead Management

VTC Lead Management provides marketing staff the ability to manage prospective customers.
Assign leads to individual sales reps, qualify leads and monitor leads of individual campaigns.
Make sure that marketing activities are fed with correct data and improve the quality of your pipeline. 


Marketing Reports

You can measure the efficiency of your marketing campaigns for instance in terms of requests vs. closed deals.
Additionally you will be able to analyse your campaigns in relation to budget, distribution channel, margins, etc. and have a complete overview.

Management Automation

The reports allow you to extract usefull information from your data.
By using the Report Engine, you can generate marketing analysis reports, revenue forecasts, ticket reports, comprehensive customer profiles and other meaningful reports across all business areas.
With the Report Sets, you can put operating figures into a graphic format and receive a quick overview of all your processes.

VTC CRM Management Automation

Your Advantages

  • Create custom reports using the Report Generator
  • Use the Report Sets to display and monitor operating figures
  • Monitor the effectiveness of key processes


Widgets provide information about leads, potentials and accounts in realtime.
Set the access authorization levels in the user profile.
All data is consolidated automatically and provide all the information necessary to optimize the performance of your department.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Reports allow you to measure the efficiency of campaigns in relation to quotations and potentials.
Like this, a complete overview about marketing campaigns can be obtained in terms of budget, distribution channel or expected results and the impact on the sales processes.

Sales Trends

Sales Reporting help to get a general view which is required to quickly respond to changing conditions. You can see the pipeline of all sales reps, including sales status, number of customer calls per sales rep, and monitor the forecast of expected sales. 


Ticket Reports

VTC Ticket Reports allows you to track customer reported problems (tickets), helping you to supervise your support team and to monitor the way customer issues are handled.
With Ticket Reports, you can evaluate your open customer issues by period, associate, priority and so on.
Ticket Reports provides managers with a better overview on customer satisfaction and the performance of their support team.

Customer Profiles

VTC Reporting allows you to get a better understanding of your customers.
Reports and widgets show customer profiles based on industry, size, products, and other data.
Through a better understanding of your customers, you can expand existing customer relationships and establish new ones selectively.


Acquiring new customers is much more expensive than selling to existing customers. With the Support Module in VTC, you can be sure that customer inquiries are handled quickly and effectively.
The Support Module provides an overview of all support inquiries and tickets received through various channels.
Manage incoming supportmail, analyze reported bugs, solve customer issues and generate FAQ's as required. In addition you can engage your customers in the support process, by making use of the Customer Portal.

VTC CRM Support

Your Advantages

  • Centralized management and joint processing of all customer inquiries
  • Identify the frequency of support cases to improve the quality of service
  • Work on support tickets in teams
  • Monitor the response time of your customer support team

Ticket Management

VTC Ticket Management helps you to monitor the support history of each customer.
All customer tickets and associated responses are listed in the detailed view. Ticket Reports provides managers the ability to track how customer issues are handled, so they can take appropriate escalation steps.
The result is a higher customer satisfaction.

Knowledge Base

VTC Knowledge Base helps your support and engineering team to improve the administration of structured and unstructured information. With VTC Knowledge Base, you can create FAQ's, organize and locate files and much more.


Customer Portal

Use VTC Customer Portal to post key marketing, sales and support information for qualified customers.
Customers can create tickets, upload associated files, browse the FAQ's - all online and in real time.
All operations are logged and can also be found under the detailed information tab in the Support Module.


Administrators can define teams or grant access rights to modules and fields.
With the layout editor, you can change the layout and create new fields or blocks, or change the arrangement of the individual fields.
Modify existing and implement new work flows with the Workflow Manager. Use Custom EditView to create various data entry masks, and fill them up with default values.
The admin area of VTC offers a variety of configuration options to adapt the system to suit your needs.

VTC CRM Administration

Your Advantages

  • Simple user interface for easy configuration
  • Create custom fields and blocks
  • Creation of various workflows with the Workflow Manager
  • Detailed access rights through roles and profiles
  • Create your own data entry masks with predefined default values

Layout Editor

The Layout Editor provides administrators the ability to change the appearance of various data entry masks in all modules.
It gives you the ability to add and re-arrange fields (e.g. text, date, checkbox, e-mail, drop-down list, etc.), authorize them, adjust drop-down values and hide unused modules.
With the Layout Editor, administrators can adapt VTC to the specific needs of your business, and just hide unneeded modules.


VTC Workflow Management helps you to automatize critical business processes in your company.
Administrators can create simple, cascading (built upon each other) workflows using the Workflow Manager.

Access Control

VTC Access Rights allows to share or restrict information based on roles and profiles.
The administrator can grant or restrict access to modules and fields for different profiles.
Data import and/or export is also controlled by access rights.


Custom Edit View

The administrator has the ability to create different, user selectable editing masks for each module.
In addition to the selected fields in the Custom-Edit-View, you can also add default values for each mask. This facilitates the work immensely in some environments, like for instance in a call center.
Using Custom-Edit-View, Administrators can optimize VTC for manual mass editing  of records.


In addition to the marketing, sales and support activities, VTC offers collaborative capabilities to manage emails within VTC.
Integrate Microsoft Outlook, schedule activities, manage projects and work while on the move.
With VTC you can streamline your teamwork, through more efficient communication with employees and customers.