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Social CRM

Social Media offers important information. VTC integrates it.

Social Networks - Information about leads, accounts, partners and contacts

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Social Networks

All common networks, whether professional or private, offer a multitude of data and information that can help in your daily work. 
With VTC CRM, information from social networks such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Xing and Twitter can be imported into your CRM system.
Without big efforts, more detailed information about leads, accounts, partners or contacts can be gathered and processed.

Social Wiki - The in-house encyclopedia

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Social Wiki Text

With the Social Wiki feature, you have your own in-house encyclopedia. You can describe services or products, details of your company or information about your competitors and make them available for your employees.
To keep track of data currentness, you will find a revision and versioning function.

Social Collaboration - Decide by your own, what's important

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Social Collaboration Text

Social media provide a vast amount of information. You can filter the data, so you don't lose the overview and can work more efficiently.
The Social Collaboration feature allows you to define individually which information you want.
Relevant data sets can be subscribed, commented or even tagged. All information can be easily used through a personal homepage.

E-Mail Integration

More than just writing simple E-Mails. Plugin and Connector support you.

Email Manager - Email Client in VTC

E-Mail Client of VTC CRM
Email Manager Text

With the integrated Email Manager, VTC CRM provides an own email client.
You are able to write, edit and send emails over a familiar editor.
All functions you know from other clients are available.

Advanced Outlook Plugin - Seamless Microsoft Outlook® integration

Advanced Outlook Plug-in Text

In the case you do not want to use the VTC email manager, you can continue to use your current Microsoft Outlook in combination with VTC CRM. Through the „Advanced Outlook Plug-in“ you have access to all leads, accounts and contacts within VTC CRM and Microsoft Outlook.
The Advanced Outlook Plugin can be used with MS Outlook versions 2000 to 2013. 

Microsoft® Exchange Connector - For a bi-directional E-Mail synchronization

VTC CRM Microsoft® Exchange Connector - E-Mail Synchronization
Microsoft Exchange Connector

Get all your Microsoft® Exchange emails to your VTC CRM and synchronize contacts, accounts, leads and partners. There is no easier way, to get all your Microsoft® Exchange data into your CRM System. The Microsoft Exchange Connector works with Office 365 or a self hosted exchange server (Microsoft® Exchange 2010 or higher needed).

Free Trial Exchange

Free trial   More information

MailChimp - Your personal email marketing suite

VTC CRM MailChimp Connector
MailChimp Text

The MailChimp Connector makes sending email newsletters with VTC CRM easy. Furthermore, you avoid spam issues for MailChimp sends all emails over safe servers that are listed on the Whitelist.
After the distribution of emails, you can use analytics or create further email campaigns.

Mobile CRM

Take the VTC wherever you want. And access your CRM system with mobile devices.

VTC CRM for smartphones and tablets

VTC CRM App Text

When using VTC CRM, you can access your CRM data from anywhere.
Whether you are at your customers´ site or meeting a new customer at a trade show. Data can be added and created immediately.
The suitable apps with a responsive design are available for the iOS and Android Smartphones as well as for the iPad and Android Tablets.

Free trial     VTC CRM Mobile on the App Store     VTC CRM Mobile on Google play 


VTC CRM Smartphone App
App for Smartphones Text

Whether you are sitting at the airport and waiting for your flight, currently getting into your car after a customer meeting or you are having lunch and something comes to your mind: you can always access the VTC CRM, create, edit and delete data sets over your mobile device.

Free trial     VTC CRM Mobile on the App Store     VTC CRM Mobile on Google play 


VTC CRM Tablet App
Tablets Text

Tablets have an increasingly growing impact in our daily lives.
That´s why you also need to get access to your CRM system through your tablet at any time.
With our app which is adaptable for tablets, you cannot only edit notices while in meetings, you can even manage your data sets or just get the information you need directly from your VTC CRM.

Free trial     VTC CRM Mobile on the App Store     VTC CRM Mobile on Google play 


Managing projects uncomplicated. On the basis of project tasks, project milestones and project teams.

Project management

VTC CRM Project Management
Project management Text

Keep track of all your projects and manage them comfortably out of the VTC CRM.
By defining project tasks, milestones and teams, you are able to plan, edit and check the complete processes of your projects.

Project tasks

VTC CRM Project Tasks
Project tasks Text

The overview of your project tasks shows a listview with all tasks assigned to a given project.
Without needing to select a project in particular, you are still able to reference tasks to projects.
Basic functions like managing, editing or deleting remain still available.

Project milestones

VTC CRM Project Milestones

The feature project milestone shows you all milestones of a project where you are involved in. 
You can manage, edit or delete them but also create new ones if necessary.

Project teams

VTC CRM Project Teams
Project teams Text

The project teams give you the ability to get an overview of all teams, you are a member of.
Therefore, you don‘t have to go through all your projects and filter the information about your teams.
Furthermore you can manage, edit and delete your teams out of this feature and also create new teams.


Reports which hits the bull‘s-eye. Controlling with analysis, statistics and lists.


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Reports Text

The more data you enter into your CRM system, the more difficult it is to keep a clear overview.
With the help reports, you can generate goal-oriented data whenever needed.

Report Sets

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Report Sets Text

Various report sets connect with each other.
Depending on your goals, you can combine or create reports and illustrate them in a single report set. Hence, you get an overview with all relevant data in just a few clicks. Besides, all report sets can be exported as PDF or directly to a PowerPoint presentation, so that you can work with the data even outside the CRM system.

Important Reports

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Important Reports Text

VTC CRM enables you to do marketing analysis and recognize new sales potentials or evaluate tickets and customer profiles. 

Like this, you can keep track of your data all the time and respond in a timely manner.
All reports and report sets can automatically be sent per email. You choose the frequency.

General view on your Homepage

VTC CRM Report Widgets
General view on your Homepage Text

In order to get all your analysis at your fingertips, you can display the reports on your individual homepage. 

The reports can be displayed with widgets graphically or in table form, so that you get instantly the requested information.

Export your reports and report sets

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Export your Reports and Report Sets Text

Each created report can be exported as a PDF, csv or in MS-PowerPoint.
Thus, the CRM allows you to use the analyzed data outside the CRM system.
Whether you need it for a presentation containing actual figures, to inform your supervisor or as a basis for the next sales strategy.
You will get all information very quickly and easily and you can integrate them in your daily work process without complex processing.


The digital appointment schedule. Easy and specific handling of your tasks and appointments.

Modern calendar with drag and drop

VTC CRM Calendar
Modern calendar with Drag-and-Drop Text

To manage the calendar or enter new appointments is very simple. 
With just one click, you can create new appointments in the daily, weekly or monthly view and move them per drag and drop as necessary. All these different possibilities helping you to adjust your appointments, allow you to manage them optimally.

Calendar management

VTC CRM Calendar Management
Specific definitions Text

The VTC calendar provides the possibilty to define your appointments most accurately.
You can adjust reminders, invite participants or set a start and end time.

Advanced Outlook Plugin

Advanced Outlook Plugin Text

The Advanced Outlook Plugin not only synchronizes your emails and contacts with your CRM system.
It also works bidirectionally with the calendar functions of VTC and Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft® Exchange Connector - Manage your Exchange calendar bi-directionally

VTC CRM Exchange Connector - Calendar Synchronization
Microsoft Exchange Connector Text

Synchronize your Exchange Calendar, tasks or contacts with VTC CRM. 
The Microsoft Exchange Connector works with Office 365 or a self hosted Exchange server (min. Microsoft Exchange 2010 needed). 

Free Trial Exchange

Free trial   More information


Extensive Search. That you find what you are searching for.

Global search

VTC CRM Global Search
Global Search Text

If you search for particular information in VTC, you can do so with the search function. No matter from which module you are searching. 

Filtered global search

VTC CRM Filtered Global Search
Filtered global search Text

The search function of VTC can additionally be limited to distinctive modules.
For example, if you search for trouble tickets of a particular company, you just have to limit the search to the module „Trouble Tickets“ and enter the name of the company in the search bar. Thus, you will get your specific result very quickly.

Module Search

VTC CRM Module Search

The module search feature allows you to refine data further. Define filter rules and specify your results to increase efficiency.

Tag search

VTC CRM Tag Search
Tag Search Text

Needless to say, that you can search data sets over your allocated tags, with the help of the tag cloud.
That makes your search process more easier and even faster.


The VTC fits to your company. Individual adaptations for a perfect solution.

User & access

VTC CRM User & Access Management
Users & Access Text

As an administrator, you are able to reproduce your whole company structure in the CRM and assign users to roles and profiles or add them to certain groups.
Furthermore, you have the possibility to define company-wide rights of access as well as standard fields of the modules with the global settings.

VTC studio

VTC CRM Studio Settings
VTC Studio Text

You can customize the layout, add field formulars and tool tips or manage the workflows of the module. Here, you have everything ready at hand.
In addition, you can customize the colors of the list views with the studio, define the content of the pic lists in the CRM modules and build connections between the pic list values.
An absolute highlight is the language editor.
With the language editor, every single field or rather every single language can be translated into or adjust to the available languages.
By the means of this feature, all customer fields can be transferred into the available languages as well.


VTC CRM Templates and Basics
Templates Text

Messages automatically sent out of the CRM, notifications about the expiration of a quote, useful email templates or a consistent company information. With a good template management, you can increase productivity.

Other settings

VTC CRM Further Settings
Other Settings Text

The VTC platform offers you various setting possibilities.
You can define the CRM details according to your company.
If you want to change currencies, dunning levels, assignments, module settings or workflows.
Even theme adaptions or the layout and design of slides for the PowerPoint export can be configurated by your own.


Your personal Homepage. All important information, individual and at a glance.


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Layout Text

Create the layout of your homepage individually.
You can subscribe to all important and preferred social streams, establish widgets and reports and move them easily per drag and drop.
With the tab function, you are able to structure your homepage clearly and  furthermore, you can define the composition of the homepage by choosing a suitable column layout. Hence, you keep track of all important key data and data sets.

Social streams

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Social Streams Text

Subscribe to single internal data sets like specific accounts or social wiki entries.
Also external streams from social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn can be subscribed to and tracked consequently.


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Widgets Text

Self defined widgets help compiling important data sets in a chosen form.
Particular widgets convert the data sets in graphics or lists.
The most common graphics are already deposited in the VTC system, so that you can select them easily.
Other widgets provide you with the newest information about modules, social media and collaboration in real-time, but also from other external sources of information like RSS feeds.

Several tabs

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Several Tabs Text

Forget the everlasting scrolling.
Instead of placing all your widgets one below the other, spread them depending on topics, to many different tabs preferably.
With just one click, a new tab can be created on your homepage and filled with widgets.

More VTC features

VTC has even more features. All were developed to alleviate your work.

PDF template generator

VTC CRM PDF Template Generator
PDF Template Generator Text

Design your personal PDF template for quotes, invoices or even dunning letters.
With the "PDF Template Generator", you won‘t have any problems anymore.
You can create documents easily, fill them with place holders and save them.
If you use the template in combination with a lead, an account or a contact, the place holders will be replaced with the value of the appropriate fields. 
This is a good solution if you want to send a standard form letter to many leads, accounts or contacts.  


VTC CRM Comment Function
Comments Text

The "Comments" feature gives you an overview of all comments entered into the CRM.
Creating a new comment directly from this feature is also possible.


VTC CRM Timesheet Module
Timesheets Text

To track the number of hours spent on projects or tasks, you have the feature "Timesheet" at your disposal.
Here, you can also add more specific requirements.