Different Solutions presents PDF Template Generator

13 October 2010 14:28 | Category: VTC

Different Solutions presents PDF Template Generator for ?VTC Complete System for vtiger CRM?.

(Waldkraiburg) ? For ?VTC Complete System for vtiger CRM? a new revolutionary extension is now available.

The PDF Template Generator allows the user to create any number of templates via WYSIWYG editor completely free.

The following modules can be selected: organizations, campaigns, people, FAQ, Trouble Tickets, accounts, leads, potentials, price lists, products, projects, purchase orders, quotations, sales orders, service contracts, services, timesheet, users and suppliers.

With the function ?Rewritable templates? the user can create comfortable business letters without any additional software. So the MS-Word® Plugin is obsolete. Also, PDF templates with multiple data sets can be merged with or without referencing in the documents-modul. So all documents, which were sent to customers are listed in the customer history.

A number of other features are available in PDF template generator. Including: automated translation of global language- and module-description , product block templates, different page sizes and orientations, summary, cover page, HTML header and footer.

With the PDF Template Generator, the long called functions for creating templates and creating of business letters are now available for all VTC customers.

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