Customer relationship management (CRM) describes an integrated strategy of a company, how to interact with current or future customers. The consistent orientation to the needs of the customers is the main focus of this strategy. A long-lasting and successful relationship between the company and their customers results from a systematic creation of the customer relationship process.

    A successful implemented CRM Software in a company, doesn’t refer only to the Sales Team, it covers many other departments, too. For example, Marketing, Controlling and Support loom large in the field of Customer relationship management. With an inter-departmental approach, customer-related processes can be tracked, analyzed and enhanced from start to finish.

    If CRM is used inter-departmental, it will be quickly a very complicated task. That’s the reason, why many companies use CRM Cloud Solutions like VTC CRM. The Software helps to handle the data and to create a high level of transparency. 

    Tasks of a CRM Software

    The two main tasks of Customer-Relationship-Management are on the one hand customer acquisition and on the other hand service for regular customers, of course.

    CRM supports companies during the process of customer acquisition especially with in database saved sales prospect (Leads). You can get Leads for example on a trade show or by contact request via website. It’s always an unqualified contact, which you can personally get on to with Workflows or instruments of the direct marketing. With this formed dialog, you will get more and more information about the customer and its requirements to your product or service. That’s how you can respond to the special needs of your sales prospect in an offer and suggest a made-to-measure solution.

    Because of the reason, that new business development costs five times more for companies than customer retention, fields like After-Sales-Management or complaint management are really relevant for CRM. It is the task to show your customer, that you care about them. Offer your customers regularly products or services, which provides an additional benefit for them. Or just ask them, if they need any help or support. Thus, the customer builds up a much better connection to your company, that is the crucial factor for a long-term und successful relationship between a company and their customer.

  • CRM-Solutions: CRM Cloud / CRM On Premise



    Cloud-Computing is an inherent part of the IT-sector. It describes the possibility to provide IT-infrastructures like Software over a network. So companies can outsource their own IT-environment and rent the services of the providers. 

    In the field of Cloud-Computing, you differentiate between three different service types: IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service). Different Solutions offers VTC as a CRM SaaS, thus, as a “Software as a Service”. That means, with a CRM SaaS, you will get access to a Cloud, which contains the VTC CRM Software.

    Different Solutions offers three different variations of the VTC CRM Cloud. Due to your requirements and your budget, you can choose the best solution easily. All VTC CRM Cloud variations are provided and managed in German data processing service center. With every kind of CRM Cloud, you will get all functions and features of the software, security patches, regularly updates and support.

    Different Solutions’ CRM SaaS offers

    The VTC CRM Standard Cloud is the low-priced alternative for small businesses and founder of new businesses till a quantity of 10 users. With the VTC CRM Standard Cloud, you will get the VTC-CRM-Software and an own database. The billing occurs on a periodic basis (usually monthly) for the number of registered users.

    VTC CRM Private Cloud suits for medium-sized businesses up to a quantity of 11 and more users. With the Private Cloud, you will get an own CRM Cloud instance incl. VTC CRM and the associated database. There is also the possibility to make programmed system modifications and create user (up to max. 200) by your own (no user based billing).

    VTC CRM Dedicated Cloud enables the access to your own dedicated server-instance. This CRM Cloud Solutions suits perfectly for medium-sized businesses as well and also for large companies with 25 users and more. The user-limit depends on the Hardware.


    Software On Premise describes a solution, where the customer can manage external software with the help of its own hardware. For using commercial Software, the customer purchases the appropriate licenses. VTC CRM for example, offers a VTC CRM On Premise Solution without any user-limit, incl. Support and Updates per Remote.

    Web based CRM

    VTC CRM is a web based CRM System, which means, VTC CRM can be used with every kind of PC and with any kind of operating system. You only need an internet/intranet connection and a web browser.

    A web based CRM system like VTC CRM has not to be installed on a computer. The CRM software is provided on a web server or in the cloud, so that every user can access to the software by web browser.

    During the development of VTC CRM, Different Solutions paid attention to supporting all common Browser. That’s why the web based CRM achieved a high level of platform independence. Also regular updates can be operated with our web based CRM System easily and without any problems.

  • Important parts of a CRM System

    Analytical CRM 

    The analytical CRM describes the straight handling and reporting of the collected data in the CRM process, like information about customer contact or customer feedback. This field of the Customer-Relationship-Management should help companies with the saved data to get to know the characteristics, behaviors and value added potential of the customers better. Analytical CRM especially supports fields like sales management and controlling.

    Operational CRM

    The operative CRM is directly based on the analytical CRM and uses the collected data. With the help of, for example, ABC-Analytics or market segmentation, the sales team can work out a Cross-Selling strategy or contact the customer directly in order to respond to the identified potentials. The operative CRM refers to all departments in a company, which are in direct contact with customers. That’s how companies can maintain and cement the customer relationship.

    Communicative CRM

    All direct interfaces to the customers were described as the communicative CRM. It’s a part of the operational CRM and consists of the so-called Multi-Channel-Management. The communicative CRM regulates all important communication-channels between the company and their customers. Next to standard communication-channels like personal contact, phone, letter or e-mail, nowadays fields like the Internet or social networks play a decisive role. 

    Collaborative CRM

    Collaborative CRM corresponds to the customer-oriented improvement of the value added potential in the company. It contains not only the in-house collaboration between the departments, but also the collaboration between the company and, for example, external partners, distributors or service provider.

  • New trends and developments in the field of CRM


    SCRM - Social CRM

    Social CRM describes the way of a company to start a dialog with existing or potential customers via Internet. Of prime importance are especially Social Networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn or Xing. Social CRM is an extension of the traditional CRM and the trend of the last few years.

    VTC CRM already identified this trend and integrated the most important Social Networks. For example, with the current VTC CRM System, you can update the data sets of your customers with information or create Social Streams for the most important customers. More...

    mCRM - Mobile CRM

    Mobile CRM is another trend in the field of Customer-Relationship-Management. The expression Mobile-Customer-Relationship-Management stands for all arrangements, which were realized with the help of the mobile Internet. That means CRM is now no longer attached to a certain place and can be operated with Smartphones or Tablets from any kind of place. mCRM is particularly helpful for sales representatives, who are able to retrieve customer data directly at the customers’. With VTC Mobile, VTC CRM offers for this trend also an outstanding and forward-looking solution, which can be downloaded for free at the App Store or Play Store on your Smartphone or Tablet. More...


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